about quentales

Qüentales is a virtual platform that streams animated stories to promote reading by stimulating imagination in a multicultural, multilingual, collaborative, and fun environment, available for all generations.

Our stories also offer the opportunity to learn other language by using daily-used words and sentences while reading your favorite story.

carlos lausso
co-founder and general director

During his professional activity as an architect, Carlos developed his skills as a director. As a mentor to new professionals, he put his innate teaching talent into practice. As a project manager he stood out for his organization, design, punctuality, and ethics.

As CEO of Qüentales.com, he oversees and work with all departments to ensure that the company meets its goals in an organized and timely manner.

In addition to his profession, Carlos has written blogs about travel, exhibited in art galleries, enjoys outdoor activities and travel with his family.

monica prado
co-founder and content director

As a child, Monica learned to tell stories, which she made up by playing with her dolls. As a teenager she was curious about theater and participated in small plays in her native country Ecuador. Her big dream was to travel and write stories, so she studied journalism. She got married and began her life in the United States where she developed her career as Voice Over and a writer for Hispanic magazines.

Her experience as a mother of 3 children sowed a desire to create a platform that presented stories in the two languages spoken at her home. Now, her dream is to provide a fun tool that parents and children can use to learn, share time, and bring generations together.

rossi lausso
administrator & sales director

Rossi is a hardworking, ambitious, and focused woman. She learned that organization and multitasking are easy when they are combined with prioritizing and non-procrastination.

Rossi is an attorney and literature teacher and is currently a business owner. As a professor, she enjoyed reading beautiful creations from her students. She always thought: “How can I show the world this fantastic story! Who would accept these illustrations? Who would promote them in a professional way and for free?”.

Years passed by and Rossi immigrated to Florida. Just recently Qüentales came knocking at her door. Now her administration, leadership, customer service, and language knowledge are entirely on Qüentales.

Other than that, Rossi is a mother of two, a spouse for 23 years and counting, bilingual, and a believer. No barriers, no limits, she is your ally.

ashly de la torre
production & marketing director

Ashly turned her passion into her profession. Her desire to capture the stories she imagined from a young age, moved her to the career of Audiovisual Production in Espol- Ecuador; where she learned about scripts, color theory, and production process that would allow her to project her ideas.

She worked on a television channel, applying her narrative knowledge and in an educational research center where she learned how to encompass teaching-learning objects. She collaborated in a company with marketing campaigns and digital strategies that consolidated her knowledge to the digital culture. Her dream is that people can immerse themselves in new worlds where they can laugh, be surprised, motivated, identified and learn… with an innovative modality.